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Grease Control

Anyone who has dealt with sewer grease and the problems associated with sewer grease knows from experience that grease problems do not simply go away.  Reactive measures, such as rodders and jets, only clear the trouble spots temporarily, sending grease chunks downstream to create another problem somewhere else.  Additionally, because these mechanical devices are not a "source solution," grease will simply collect again at the same locations, requiring renewed expenditures in manpower, time and equipment.

Enzymes and solvents are also inadequate and temporary treatments of grease problems.  As with the mechanical devices, enzymes and solvents do not eliminate the grease, but merely send it downstream.  Enzymes are too narrow in their range of effectiveness and are quickly diluted.  Solvents may have the addtional danger of becoming safety hazards.

Beyond the obvious high costs of continually dealing with the same grease trouble spots, there are the intangible costs: the excessive wear and tear on expensive equipment, general plant and system inefficienceis, the unnecessary use of personnel who could be accomplishing other important tasks, the potential for environmental impacts and the underlying dissatisfaction of the people you serve.

At EnviroServe, we are committed to helping you resolve even the toughest grease situations.