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Natural-Clean Septic™

Natural-Clean Septic™
Brand: EnviroServe Corporation
Product Code: Natural Clean Septic
Availability: In Stock
Price: $69.95
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Natural-Clean Septic™ is an industrial strength blend of beneficial bacteria strains which thrive on grease, soaps, detergents, food waste, toilet tissue and other residues commonly found in home septic systems. These harmless, waste-eating bacteria actually live in your system and digest the grease, detergents, tissue and other problem-causing waste. When the wastes go away, so do the odors and problems!

Natural-Clean Septic™ is packaged in a small pail with dosing cup provided.

Just add Natural-Clean Septic™ to your system each month and, provided your system is mechanically sound, in 60-90 days your septic tank and drain field can be clear and remain problem-free. You’ll have fewer odors, fewer backed-up drains and fewer worries about repairing your system, tank or drain field.

  • Industrial strength for optimum results.
  • Out performs "store-bought" products.
  • Helps eliminate unwated odors and back-ups...permanently!
  • Helps keep entire system clear and free-flowing.
  • Prevents costly field or septic repairs due to build up.
  • Easy to Use! Just flush down toilet once a month.
  • Completely safe for people or pets. No chemicals or caustics.

Directions for single residence septic system:

Pour one scoop (1 ounce scoop provided) a week for 4 weeks into a toilet and flush.

Thereafter, apply two scoops monthly.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children.

Keep tightly sealed.

Store in a cool dry area.

Do I need to add anything to my septic system to keep it working properly?

Yes. A bacterial additive, such as Natural-Clean Septic™, will digest the organic buildup which occurs in your system. It is very important to grow as many healthy and diverse bacteria as possible and not to add things to your system that could destroy the natural biological activity in the system.

Will I ever have to pump my tank again?

Yes. By adding Natural-Clean Septic™ to your system, the organic waste is digested. Inorganic waste will have to be pumped out. However, pumping may not need to be done as frequently.

What if my drains are sluggish, my toilet runs slowly, or there is a foul odor?

These could be signs of a mechanical system failure or poor biological activity in your system. Some simple to check could easily determine your problem. If you don't already have a professional to consult with, please write to us. (mailto)

What should I do if my system backs up?

First, check the sewer line from the house to your septic system for blockages. Clear the line if it is blocked. If the problem persists, call a plumbing or septic system specialist to examine your system. If one isn't available or you need another opinion, please write us and we will do our best to help you. (mailto)

Why add more bacteria when there are billions of microbes already present in the system?

The same reason people re-seed lawns with new and improved grass seed when there is already a lawn in place - to achieve optimum growth and distribution of the best species to ensure maximum results.

What causes the thick crust in my tank?

A top scum layer is normal. It consists of grease and light solids. A healthy scum layer is soft and light brown or beige, not dark and crusty.

Does Natural-Clean Septic™ really work?

Yes! Natural-Clean Septic™ is a proven formulation. It is the same industrial strength highly concentrated formula that has been successfully solving problems in homes, restaurants, cities and towns for more than two decades. It contains selected strains of beneficial bacteria that consume the organic material, such as grease, detergents, oils and paper, that accumulate in your system.

Is Natural-Clean Septic™ expensive to use?

No. Using Natural-Clean Septic™ is very inexpensive and helps prevent costly problems. You can treat your system for as little as eight cents per day.

How often do I have to use Natural-Clean Septic™?

The typical dosing schedule for a single residence septic system is one bag per week for the first four weeks and one bag per month thereafter. If you are unsure about the exact dose for your system, write to us. (mailto)

Are Natural-Clean Septic™ bacterial cultures safe to handle?

Yes. The bacteria in our formulation are completely safe when used as directed. The product contains no chemicals or caustics.

How can you tell it’s working?

Easy! The first thing you’ll notice is that the odors begin to go away. Then the backup problems subside. As the bacteria remove the old organic deposits from your leach lines and septic tank, your system can be free-flowing and trouble-free again.

Does your product work in cesspools?

Yes. The same biological activity occurs in a cesspool as in a septic system. The organic buildup is removed by using Natural-Clean Septic™.

Is your product guaranteed?

Yes. Used as directed, Natural-Clean Septic™ is effective in systems that are mechanically sound. If you are not 100% satisfied with Natural-Clean Septic™, send back the unused portion and your money will be refunded.

Why use Natural-Clean Septic™?

• Industrial strength for optimum results

• Outperforms “store-bought” products

• Helps eliminate unwanted odors and backups

• Helps keep entire system clear and free-flowing

• Helps prevent costly field or septic repairs due to organic waste buildup

• Easy to use! Just flush down toilet once a month

• Completely safe for people, pets and the environment

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