ESC-PC Jetfoam™ (55-Gallon)


ESC-PC Jetfoam™ (55-Gallon)


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Jetfoam™ is the premier sewer jet additive for sewer line cleaning.

Normal sewer jetting operations frequently require multiple passes through the line.  Jetfoam™ liquifies grease and keeps it in suspension — allowing you to get superior cleaning results in a single pass! As a result, you can clean twice as much sewer line in the same amount of time. Fewer jetting passes also reduce equipment wear.  Jetfoam™ is an environmentally friendly, non-corrosive blend of surfactants and emulsifiers. It is harmless to pumps and hoses.

Jetfoam™ cleans by using the following principles:

  1. Physical removal
  2. Mixing action
  3. Earth-friendly emulsification
  4. Prevents grease recoagulation

Benefits Include:

  • Less Expensive: saves money on labor and equipment wear
  • Faster: frees the crew for other work
  • More Efficient: cleans at least twice as much sewer line in the same amount of time
  • More Thorough Cleaning: fewer cleanings required
  • Saves Time: one pass usually cleans the sewer line
  • Safer: requires less time on hot spot lines in high traffic areas


Non-hazardous • Environmentally Friendly • No Petroleum Distillates • No Butyl
Non-corrosive No VOCs • Neutral pH • Non-flammable • Aqueous Based

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